Non-Reciprocity Diver

General: This authorization recognizes the situation where a highly qualified diver who could significantly contribute to a Smithsonian dive project AND will be diving under the auspices of their home institution who's dive program does not meet reciprocity requirements. This diver will need to meet all SI MINIMUM STANDARDS and the parent organization will need to sign the SDP-101 SI Risk Waiver Release form, including Annex A, to acknowledge acceptance of responsibility for this diver, and if under the jurisdiction of OSHA, further certifies that its scientific diving program contains the following elements: (A) a diving safety manual; and (B) a diving control (safety) board, with a majority of its members being active scientific divers.

Eligibility: The diver must be current and active who:

  1. will be diving under the auspices of their home institution,
  2. parent organization's scientific diving program is not an AAUS Organizational Member,
  3. parent organization does not qualify for direct reciprocity with the SI,
  4. parent organization will sign SDP-101 RWR as described above
  5. diver meets SDP requirements, AND
  6. diver will significantly contribute to a Smithsonian dive project.

Limitations: Divers must abide by the limitations outlined in the SI-SCIENTIFIC DIVING SAFETY MANUAL.  Authorization shall be restricted to the planned diving operation for the duration of the dive plan and shall comply with all policies, regulations and standards of the SI-Scientific Diving Safety Manual.  Initial depth limitations will be set to 30 fsw.  Deeper depth limits may be requested via the SI Unit Diving Officer and granted at the discretion of the SDO