For Science Divers

If you are a researcher and seek authorization to dive with the Smithsonian Scientific Diving Program (SDP) this section of the website is for you. 

  • See MINIMUM STANDARDS to learn what training and experience is necessary to dive with the SDP.
  • Go to REQUIREMENTS to determine what is necessary to become authorized to dive with the SDP.
  • AUTHORIZATION explains the steps you must take to receive approval to dive with SDP.

You will NOT find SI Diving Forms in this section.  All SI Diving forms are located in DecoStop, the SDP virtual dive program management system. You will receive access information for DecoStop during the process of requesting to dive at the SI.

Science Divers comparing data in Panama
Science Divers compare data while monitoring a coral spawning research site in Bocas del Toro, Panama
​​Copyright 2012 © Smithsonian Institution, Photo: Laurie M. Penland