Smithsonian Institution (SI) Fellows are required to receive authorization from the Scientific Diving Program (SDP) before diving under the auspices of the Smithsonian.  If you are applying for an SI fellowship which requires diving, you and your dive buddy will be required to meet SI diving standards. 

Post-doctoral Fellows fall under SI-SCIENTIFIC DIVER requirements unless employed by another organization in relation to the fellowship research. If there is employment with another organization, the diver would then apply to dive under RECIPROCITY requirements.  

Doctoral Fellows will apply to dive under RECIPROCITY  requirements.

Diver Authorization

Before you can dive:

1. Do you qualify to dive with SDP?  See SDP MINIMUM DIVING STANDARDS

2. Do you have an SI Sponsor?  All Fellows must have an SI Sponsor. 

3. Are you officially registered as a Fellow?  This is required before your dive application can be processed.

Download the SDP FELLOWSHIP CHECK-LIST to assure you have met all requirements.