Where We Dive

While a majority of Smithsonian Marine Research occurs at Smithsonian Research Stations, study sites of Smithsonian Scientific Diver's span the globe.  

To visualize the breadth of this research, view SI dive sites on these maps:

Diving Today: The locations where SI Divers are currently participating in scientific diving activities are pinned on this map, including links to the project website.

Smithsonian Marine Stations: The locations of SI Research Stations which host marine research, including links to SI Research Station websites, are pinned on this map.

Elkorn Coral Research Site, Carrie Bow Belize
Acropora palmata​ (Elkorn Coral) at a Smithsonian research site
Carrie Bow Caye, Belize

Copyright © 2014 Smithsonian Institution, Photo: Laurie M. Penland