Temporary Diver

General: This authorization recognizes the situation where a highly qualified diver who could significantly contribute to a Smithsonian dive project but does not fit into the one of the before mentioned categories.

Eligibility: Must be current and active diver who does not belong to a scientific diving program currently having or the potential to establish Reciprocity with the SDP.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • A minimum of 25 open water dives
  • Scientific Diver certification or equivalent as determined by the SDO (minimum Rescue and Advanced Open Water Diver internationally recognized recreational certifications)
  • Diving medical clearance
  • SDP swim test completion
  • SDP check-out dive
  • SDP written exam

Limitations: Divers must abide by the limitations outlined in the SI-SCIENTIFIC DIVING SAFETY MANUAL.  Authorization shall be restricted to the planned diving operation for the duration of the dive plan and shall comply with all policies, regulations and standards of the SI-Scientific Diving Safety Manual.  Initial depth limitations will be set to 30 fsw.  Deeper depth limits may be requested via the SI Unit Diving Officer and granted at the discretion of the SDO.

Steps to authorization:

  1. Contact the appropriate Smithsonian Institution Diving Officer (SI DO), see CONTACT
  2. Create a DecoStop account (SI-UDO will provide link)
  3. Provide recreational scuba certification cards or verification of training for completion of Scientific Diving course
  4. Submit signed SDP-101 Risk Waiver Release form
  5. Provide dive logs of last 25 open water dives
  6. Provide proof of current CPR/AED training (within one year)
  7. Provide proof of current Oxygen Administration training (within one year)
  8. Provide Diving medical clearance certification
  9. Provide Scuba regulator, gauges and buoyancy compensator maintenance records (within one year)
  10. Provide proof of Diving accident insurance coverage - DAN or other diving accident insurance, must cover Medevac and Hyperbaric Chamber
  11. Successfully complete a check-out dive
  12. Successfully complete a swim test
  13. Successfully complete the SI written exam
  14. Submit SI dive plan (Lead Diver only)
  15. You will be notified of your Dive Plan Authorization number via email from the SI Scientific Diving Officer