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  • Colonial ascidian Didemnum sp. A: Current distribution, basic biology and potential threat to marine communities of northeast and west coasts of North America Bullard, S. G., Lambert, G., Carman, M. R., Byrnes, J., Whitlatch, Robert B., Ruiz, Gregory M., Miller, R. J., Harris, L., Valentine, P. C., Collie, J. S., Pederson, J., McNaught, D. C., Cohen, A. N., Asch, R. G., Dijkstra, Jennifer A. and Heinonen, K. 55288 2007
    342 Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 99-108
  • Effects of the colonial ascidian Didemnum sp a on cultured scallops with a comparison to other bivalves Bullard, S. G., Shumway, S. E., Whitlatch, R. B. and Osman, Richard 53716 2007
    26 4 Journal of Shellfish Research 1296-1297
  • Hybridization in large-bodied New World primates Cortes-Ortiz, Liliana, Duda, Thomas F., Jr., Canales-Espinosa, Domingo, Garcia-Orduña, Francisco, Rodriguez-Luna, Ernesto and Bermingham, Eldredge 55431 2007
    176 Genetics 2421-2425
  • High genetic connectivity across the Indian and Pacific oceans in the reef fish Myripristis berndti (Holocentridae) Craig, Matthew T., Eble, Jeff A., Bowen, Brian W. and Robertson, D. Ross 55432 2007
    334 Marine Ecology Progress Series 245-254
  • The role of tropical dry forest as a long-term barrier to dispersal: a comparative phylogeographical analysis of dry forest tolerant and intolerant frogs Crawford, Andrew J., Bermingham, Eldredge and Polania S., Carolina 55435 2007
    16 22 Molecular Ecology 4789-4807