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  • Target phenomena on south Pacific reefs: strip harvesting by prudent pathogens? Littler, Mark M., Littler, Diane S. and Brooks, Barrett L. 24285 2007
    34 Reef Encounter 23-24
  • Condiciones oceanográficas costeras que afectan a los arrecifes de coral en ambos lados del istmo de Panamá D'Croz, Luis and Robertson, D. Ross 55446 2007
    Ecología y evolución en los trópicos 309-317
  • Unusual linear arrays of the coral reef macrophyte Halimeda incrassata in the Bahamas Littler, Mark M., Littler, Diane S., Brooks, Barrett L. and Lapointe, B. E. 30541 2007
    26 4 Coral Reefs 817-818
  • Larval development rate predicts range expansion of an introduced crab deRivera, C. E., Hitchcock, N. G., Teck, S. J., Hines, Anson H. and Ruiz, Gregory M. 55247 2007
    150 Marine Biology 1275-1288
  • The demise of a major Acropora palmate bank-barrier reef off the southeast coast of Barbados, West Indies Macintyre, I. G., Glynn, P. W. and Toscano, M. A. 112659 2007
    26 Coral Reefs 765-773
  • Extreme Long-Distance Dispersal of the Lowland Tropical Rainforest Tree Ceiba Pentandra L. (Malvaceae) in Africa and the Neotropics Dick, Christopher W., Bermingham, Eldredge, Lemes, M. R. and Gribel, R. 52478 2007
    14 Molecular Ecology 3039
  • Demise, Regeneration, and Survival of Some Western Atlantic Reefs During the Holocene Transgression Macintyre, Ian G. 20736 2007
    Geological Approaches to Coral Reef Ecology, Ecological Studies 181-200
  • Towards a DNA taxonomy of Caribbean demosponges: a gene tree reconstructed from partial mitochondrial CO1 gene sequences supports previous rDNA phylogenies and provides a new perspective on the systematics of Demospongiae Erpenbeck, D., Duran, S., Rützler, Klaus, Paul, Valerie J., Hooper, J. N. A. and Wörheide, G. 53717 2007
    87 6 Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 1563-1570
  • The Elkhorn Coral Acropora palmata is coming back to the Belize barriel Reef Macintyre, Ian G. and Toscano, Marguerite A. 30544 2007
    26 4 Coral Reefs 757-757
  • Direct determination of P, V, Mn, As, Mo, Ba and U in seawater by SF-ICP-MS Field, M. P., LaVigne, M., Murphy, Kathleen R., Ruiz, Gregory M. and Sherrell, R. M. 55296 2007
    22 9 Journal of Analytical Atomic Spevtrometry 1145-1152
  • Clarification of the red algal genus Peyssonnelia in the gulf of Mexico, with a proposal for a new red algal order based on the Peyssonneliaceae Fredericq, Suzanne, Krayesky, D. and Norris, James N. 54492 2007
    43 Journal of Phycology 52-52
  • Novel group I introns encoding a putative homing endonuclease in the mitochondrial coxI gene of scleractinian corals Fukami, H., Chen, C. A., Chiou, C. -Y and Knowlton, Nancy 74006 2007
    64 Journal of Molecular Evolution 591-600
  • Effects of oyster population restoration strategies on phytoplankton biomass in Chesapeake Bay: a flexible modeling approach Fulford, Richard S., Breitburg, Denise L., Newell, R. I. E., Kemp, W. M. and Luckenbach, M. 55262 2007
    336 Marine Ecology Progress Series 43-61
  • Whole-ecosystem study shows rapid fish-mercury response to change in mercury deposition Harris, Reed C., Rudd, John W. M., Almyot, Marc, Babiarz, Christopher L., Beaty, Ken G., Blanchfield, Paul J., Bodaly, R. A., Branfireun, Brian A., Gilmour, Cynthia C., Graydon, Jennifer A., Heyes, Andrew, Hintelmann, Holger, Hurley, James P., Kelly, Carol A., Krabbenhoft, David P., Lindberg, Steven E., Mason, Robert P., Paterson, Michael J., Podemski, Cheryl L., Robinson, Art, Sandilands, Ken A., Southworth, George R., St. Louis, Vincent L. and Tate, Michael T. 55283 2007
    104 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 16586-16591
  • Predicting invasion risk using measures of introduction effect and environmental niche models Herborg, L-M, Jerde, C. L., Lodge, D. M., Ruiz, Gregory M. and MacIsaac, H. J. 55298 2007
    17 Ecological Applications 663-674
  • Chapter 14: Ecology of juvenile and adult blue crabs Hines, Anson H. 55299 2007
    Biology of the Blue Crab 575-665
  • Coral Reefs Under Rapid Climate Change and Ocean Acidification Hoegh-Guldberg, O., Mumby, P. J., Hooten, A. J., Steneck, Robert S., Greenfield, P., Gomez, E., Harvell, C. D., Sale, P. F., Edwards, A. J., Caldeira, K., Knowlton, Nancy, Eakin, C. M., Iglesias-Prieto, R., Muthiga, N., Bradbury, Roger H., Dubi, A. and Hatziolos, M. E. 73203 2007
    318 5857 Science 1737-1742
  • Reproductive isolation of sympatric morphs in a population of Darwin's finches Huber, Sarah K., De Leon, Luis Fernando, Hendry, Andrew P., Bermingham, Eldredge and Podos, Jeffrey 55514 2007
    274 1619 Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 1709-1714
  • Integrating Ecological and Evolutionary Theory of Biological Invasions Hufbauer, Ruth A. and Torchin, Mark E. 111538 2007
    193 3 Biological Invasions 79-96
  • Los arrecifes desde Colón Jackson, Jeremy B. C. 55517 2007
    Ecología y evolución en los trópicos 631-644
  • Diversidad y extinción de moluscos de América tropical y surgimiento del istmo de Panamá Jackson, Jeremy B. C., Jung, Peter, Coates, Anthony G. and Collins, Laurel S. 55518 2007
    Ecología y evolución en los trópicos 328-332
  • Chapter 7: Reproduction and embryonic development Jivoff, Paul R., Hines, Anson H. and Quackenbush, S. 55244 2007
    Blue crab: Callinectes sapidus 181-223
  • Northward spread of marine NIS along western North America: Forecasting risk of colonization in Alaskan waters using environmental niche modeling deRivera, C. E., Steves, B. P., Ruiz, Gregory M., Fofonoff, Paul W. and Hines, Anson H. 55292 2007
  • Ecología y evolución en los trópicos Leigh, Egbert Giles, Jr., Herre, Edward Allen, Jackson, Jeremy B. C., Santos-Granero, Fernando, Londoño de Hobrecker, Olga and Gómez, Nélida E. 55368 2007
  • Revision of the Alpheus nuttingi (Schmitt) species complex (Crustacea: Decapoda: Alpheidae), with description of a new species from the tropical eastern Pacific Anker, Arthur, Hurt, C. and Knowlton, Nancy 74005 2007
    1577 41 Zootaxa 60